Overview of the BGZ sites


Ahaus Interim Storage Facility (BZA)

Cask spaces: 420 approved (At the Ahaus interim storage facility each authorized storing position can hold one large cask (Castor 5V/19 or 5/52) or several smaller cask types (MTR 2 or THTR).)
Current occupancy: 3 CASTOR V/19 | 3 CASTOR V/52 | 18 CASTOR MTR 2 | 305 CASTOR THTR
Commissioning: 1992
Licensed until: 2036

On 30 June 2020.

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Würgassen: Interim storage facility for low-level and intermediate-level waste (AZW)

Commissioned: 2007
Licensing / Supervisory authority: District Government City of Detmold
Facility’s external dimensions: 40 m x 21 m x 10 m
Licensed storage volume: max. 3.000 m³

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