Lingen interim storage facility

The Lingen interim storage facility is located near the City of Lingen in the District of Emsland near the Dutch border in the State of Lower Saxony. The interim storage facility went into operation with the emplacement of the first CASTOR V/19 type cask on 10 December 2002. The licence under the Atomic Energy Act for the storage of nuclear fuels in the Lingen interim storage facility expires 40 years after emplacement of the first cask. BGZ has been responsible for operating the Lingen interim storage facility since 1 January 2019.

The Lingen interim storage facility only holds high-level radioactive waste produced by the nuclear power plant itself until it is taken away for final disposal. The interim storage facility has been built in the immediate vicinity of the reactor building. This means that CASTOR casks only need to be moved a short distance from the reactor building to the interim storage facility and that no public roads need to be used.

The interim storage facility is built on approximately 1.5 hectares of the approximately 55-hectare nuclear power plant site and is surrounded by its own security perimeter fence. The storage area covers a total area of approximately 2,000 m² of which approximately 1,200 m² is used as effective storage space. The storage building has a capacity of 125 spaces.

Lingen interim storage facility
(Lower Saxony)

Am Hilgenberg 2
49811 Lingen

Operator: BGZ Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung mbH
Cask spaces: 125 licensed | 47 occupied*
Current occupancy: 47 CASTOR V/19
Application: 1998
License: 2002
Commissioning: 2002
Licensed until: 2042
Licensed inventory: Maximum 1.250 t SM** | Maximum 4,7 MW***

* On 4 August 2021
** t SM = Tonnes of heavy metal
*** MW = Total thermal power in megawatts