Neckarwestheim interim storage facility

The Neckarwestheim interim storage facility in Baden-Württemberg is located around 25 km to the north of the City of Stuttgart on the right bank of the River Neckar in Gemmrigheim and Neckarwestheim. The interim storage facility went into operation with the emplacement of the first cask on 6 December 2006. The licence under the Atomic Energy Act for the storage of nuclear fuels in the Neckarwestheim interim storage facility expires 40 years after emplacement of the first cask. BGZ has been responsible for operating the Neckarwestheim interim storage facility since 1 January 2019.

The Neckarwestheim interim storage facility is located on the site of the Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant. This means that casks only need to be moved a short distance from the reactor building to the interim storage facility and that no public roads need to be used.

The interim storage facility at the former quarry site is built below ground to save space. The interim storage facility consists of an above-ground entrance building and two parallel east-to-west underground storage tunnels which are joined at the end by a connecting passage with a ventilation structure and escape structure. The underground storage tunnels are 90 and 84 metres long, around 14 metres wide and a good 17 metres high. Both tunnels together provide 151 spaces. Tunnel 1 consists of the container cleaning room and a storage area with a surface area of 1,170 m². Tunnel 2 has a surface area of 1,230 m² and is used entirely as a storage area. Tunnel 1 and Tunnel 2 are joined by a connecting passage. Both storage tunnels run parallel to each other at a distance of approximately 13.8 m, are joined by a connecting passage and end at the ground-level entrance building.

Neckarwestheim interim storage facility

Kirchheimer Weg 1
74382 Neckarwestheim

Operator: BGZ Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung mbH
Cask spaces: 151 licensed | 89 occupied*
Current occupancy: 69 CASTOR V/19 | 5 TN 24 E | 15 CASTOR 440/84 mvK
Application: 1999
License: 2003
Commissioning: 2006
Licensed until: 2046
Licensed inventory: Maximum 1.600 t SM** | Maximum 3,5 MW***

* On 4 August 2021
** t SM = Tonnes of heavy metal
*** MW = Total thermal power in megawatts

Neckarwestheim interim storage facility

BGZ operates the Neckarwestheim interim storage facilities for low-level and intermediate-level waste. The facility is used to store residues from the operation and dismantling of the Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant, in particular, until this waste can be put safely into final storage at the Konrad repository.

The packaged low-level and intermediate-level waste consists, for example, of contaminated plant components, tools, protective clothing or used filters. AZN was commissioned in 2020. As the low-level and intermediate-level radioactive waste produced during the operation and dismantling of the nuclear power plant is stored here, these interim storage facilities play an important role in the dismantling of the nuclear power plant.

Interim storage facility for low-level and intermediate-level waste Philippsburg (AZP)

Commissioned: 2020
Licensing / Supervisory authority: Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector, Baden-Württemberg
Facility’s external dimensions:
133 m x 30 m x 21 m